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7-Keto® DHEA, 25 mg, 100 capsules

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7-Keto DHEA is a natural metabolite of DHEA that has been shown to safely increase thermogenesis, improve fat loss and help maintain healthy body weight when combined with a diet and exercise program.1-3 A clinical study indicated that 7-Keto DHEA


Puritan's Pride 7-Keto Dhea is a supplement that is formulated to support your body to maintain high metabolic function during the natural procedure for aging.

In supplement form, 7-Keto can boost the metabolism to reverse a few of these natural effects associated with the process of getting older.

Along with immune system management, promoting a hormonal environment more conducive to muscle growth, and stimulating fat loss, 7-Keto DHEA has already been shown to lower blood pressure levels and improve levels of cholesterol by elevating quantities of HDL (good cholesterol).

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Because of 7 Keto's thermogenic effects, many people utilize the substance to enhance their weight loss efforts. A. Over decades of overview of nutritional studies I have come to realize the significant shortcomings that take place in safety studies due a number of possible factors: The researchers would not look designed for certain negative effects, the patients did not report them, the researcher was supported by the company whose product will be tested and hence very good results are promoted and negative outcomes minimized (this occurs more often than people realize).

Overview of six clinical trials of white kidney bean extract without any other weight loss ingredient in daily doses of between 445 mg and 1,500 mg per day found a statistically significant decrease in surplus fat (averaging about 4 pounds) when in comparison to placebo, even though there was insufficient evidence to show weight loss ( Onakpoya, Br J Nutr 2011 ). Three associated with the studies used the branded extract Phase 2 (Pharmachem Labs).

Denise: Unlike recombinant, synthetic hormones prescribed by MD's, Natural identical sources of Pregnenolone, Progesterone, or DHEA are extremely without any bad negative effects at recommended doses independent of disease instance (apart from Prostate enlargement in males, and Liver disease can also cause problems w/ proper metabolism of DHEA if it's unable to convert DHEA into DHEAS thru an activity of sulfation).

Are There 7 Keto Side Effects?

I am concerned that numerous individuals are misusing hormones such as for example pregnenolone , DHEA, and other androgen-like products available throughout the counter without a prescription. I do have a hunch that 7-Keto does find a way to improve testosterone and estradiol, but I don't believe it reconverts back into DHEA. I would really like to respond to your statement from your own website regarding 7-oxo DHEA (7-Keto). Unlike almost every other fat loss products, 7-Keto DHEA's benefits transcend its typical classification of fat-burner”, being recognized for its ability to greatly help enhance our bodybuilding efforts on multiple levels. DHEA testing may help you save money if it suggests that you are able to take less DHEA to maintain serum levels. You will find always a couple of things you should comprehend prior to the utilization of any sport / health supplement.

Remember your own body's hormone balance is a delicate mechanism that should only be supplemented after consulting a holistic doctor and testing the body's natural DHEA level to look for the appropriate level of supplementation you may want. However, since every one of the research were small and of short duration - the longest lasted only two months - the results of long haul utilization of this supplement are as yet not known. Sometimes I wonder in case it is the 7 KETO or any other product that I am taking (has horny goat weed in it!).

Diabetic individuals are advised by the Mayo Clinic to avoid DHEA supplements, since they may cause increased blood sugar and insulin resistance. In 1981, the Life Extension Foundation introduced DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) through an article that described the multiple benefits it could produce virtually side effects free. Though 7 Keto have not been found to cause these conditions, people with an overactive thyroid may want to consult their physician before applying this supplement.

A leading researcher of 7-keto, Dr. Henry Lardy, says that 7-keto provides lots of the benefits of DHEA supplements with none of the negative effects. DHEA is naturally generated by the adrenal glands and circulates in the blood stream where it is converted into testosterone and estrogen. Also, DHEA is NOT recommended for people under three decades of age, unless indicated by blood testing; or even for pregnant or nursing women; or people at risk for breast, uterine or prostate cancer.

The editors and researchers at Smart Publications review and analyze tens of thousands of scientific studies each year succinctly capturing and summarizing the link between these studies for website updates, and a monthly newsletter named Smart Publications Health & Wellness Update. DHEA is a hormone generated by your adrenal glands and in your mind, that has been first discovered by scientists into the 1930's. It really is certainly true that DHEA administered to both animal and human subjects has led to a rise in the testosterone and estrogen levels associated with subjects. In other words, when cortisol production is high, particularly for prolonged periods of time, your adrenals can in fact wear out, and DHEA production will necessarily suffer.

Unfortunately, bodybuilders are exposed to a lot of risk factors for increased cortisol levels, such as for example weight training, cardio, low-calorie dieting, low-carb dieting, and not getting enough sleep (under 7 hours/night has been shown increase production of this hormone). However, we have limited understanding of this effect since there has been very few clinical trials regarding the supplement with no long-term investigations have now been performed.

It really is thought that most associated with the conditions that decline as we age that will benefit from a supplement of DHEA, will also benefit from a supplement of 7-Keto. I highly recommend the product and especially to buy it on They arrive very fast to my door and Bodybuilding has the best price I have discovered online for the product. With applications for everything from bodybuilding to treating depression, from weight loss to developing lean muscle tissue, 7-Keto-DHEA has many applications. This does seem to offer some modest benefit in treating MS, yet not as effective as the regular DHEA. Always consult with your physician before embarking on a dietary supplement program. High doses of DHEA will also elevate estrogen levels, so that too should be kept in mind.

DHEA supplementation for people 40 several years of age and up may very well prove to be one of many most effective tools for slowing down growing older and maintaining health. Three 7-keto DHEA supplements met our quality requirements - two of which cost about half the price tag on the third. Marketers are attempting to produce it look like it offers most of the benefits of DHEA Hormone without the negative aspects. What Swanson Diet 7 Keto DHEA offers is a less painful alternative to your ketogenic diet (if utilised alongside a healthy, low-carbohydrate diet).

There are so many good reviews on line concerning this product but there are many scary ones too. I read your article and went out and purchased the Life Extension Foundation DHEA — I am getting started with the 25 mg dose and am hoping to find the best. DHEA has the potential to affect an individual's state of mind, advises the Mayo Clinic. I-Herb is fantastic- fast shipping, great selection, packaged well and customer reviews. But now it's available as a supplement that lets us recover the amount we had when we were younger. Oral route is beneficial and absorption not an important issue with DHEA as studies show.

Since the (potential) advantages of DHEA high, and the medial side effects at best mild to non existent, my opinion could be the risk/benefit ratio is quite definitely in favor of utilizing DHEA, but everyone has to determine for themselves on that score. Warning to Australian residents: it was reported to us that in 2001 some 1000 people were faced with importation of illegal drugs bought in the Internet with DHEA among the substances. DHEA is a steroid produced by the adrenal gland7 and is the most abundant steroid in human blood8. Therefore, while high DHEA levels can cause unsafe hormone levels, you will find no hormonal 7 Keto unwanted effects to bother about.

Typically, DHEA is taken in the morning, which is when your body would normally produce it. In the event that you did experience night sweats and you attribute it to DHEA, maybe you are taking to much. In a few women, high doses of DHEA may cause the growth of unwanted hair or acne. It can also be worth noting that 7 Keto does impact the production of triiodothyronine, or T3. T3 is a thyroid hormone that impacts thermogenesis and metabolic rate.

Osteoporosis - Taking DHEA orally 50-100 mg per day generally seems to improve bone mineral density (BMD) in older women and men with osteoporosis or osteopenia. My point is the universal thought re: bodybuilding is the higher concentration of testosterone one has the more they're email address details are likely to be. That is patently wrong. In the event that you are preparing to use 7-keto DHEA for the purposes of weight control, consider a safer alternative called Diet Rx which is an all natural appetite suppressant without hormones. All my hormones are shot, so he has me taking a variety of bioidenticals, plus DHEA. My daughter went out of the following day to locate 7 Keto also it was all out of stock already due to that show.

My total testosterone came ultimately back higher after cutting the DHEA and pregnenolone by 50 percent !

If you might be a clinician with considerable experience in this area I invite one to present your views to update the info on DHEA.

At 61 yrs . old now, I feel 7-Keto DHEA has safely helped me drop about 30 pounds and has also kept me from regaining the extra weight for about 15 months now with continued use.

Twinlab clearly continues to boost supplements with creations such as for example 7 Keto FUEL! So, for folks who want great things about DHEA without the testosterone it really is an option. In my estimation, the daily utilization of any hormone supplement for decades and decades is unsafe until conclusively proven otherwise through studies over several decades. I finally had a good night sleep yesterday (6 hours straight) while on the 7 keto. More research is needed and being done as to how safe DHEA is to take, nevertheless the supplement is said to greatly help increase thermogenic enzymes, therefore assisting to control fatty acid oxidation that leads towards the lack of weight. In broad terms DHEA (and 7 Keto) can be good for older people when cycled as well as in small, divided doses.


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