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Testo-MAX or Testosterone Max is a supplement that helps to naturally boost testosterone levels in men. It is completely legal and does not have any significant side effects. The ingredients are derived from plants, naturally increasing hormone levels.The perfect legal Sustanon alternative.

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Testo-MAX or Testosterone Max is a supplement that helps to naturally boost testosterone levels in men. It is completely legal and does not have any significant side effects. The ingredients are derived from plants, naturally increasing hormone levels.

This supplement, combined with a healthy diet and proper exercise, can generate explosive muscle-building results. It does not require a prescription or an injection and can be taken in tablet form. It decreases stress, providing anabolic environment in the body while speeding up recovery, similar to growth hormone. There’s no danger to kidneys or liver..

Testosterone usually begins to decline as men reach the age of thirty, and continue to decline the older one gets. Medications and statins can have a negative affect on testosterone production as well.


Testo-Max Benefits

  • Improved Formula – Now with “DAA” and Fenugreek
  • May increase your testosterone levels
  • Formulated for best natural anabolic effect
  • May enhance your workout and rapid recovery.

What is Testo-Max legal testosterone (sustanon) alternative Used For?

  • muscle-building
  • sexual-enhancement
  • testosterone-amplifier
  • Rapid Muscle Recovery
  • Bodybuilding Supplement

Hormones & their Role in Bodybuilding and muscle growth

There is one factor that has a huge affect on your body composition including your muscle mass and that is your hormones.

As an illustration generally males have a higher metabolism than females. This is because of the amount of testosterone that is produced in males, while females produce next to no testosterone and do produce tons of estrogen. This is what would make men able to hold more muscle mass than females.

Because you age your production of testosterone is reduced and this makes the calorie burning and stamina decrease in proportion to the drop in testosterone. Also the hormone HGH or human growth hormone is a critical factor. During age of puberty this hormone is the key factor in adding muscle mass and growing bones. This hormone regulates all skeletal growth. Growth hormone generally reduces its production in the mid twenties.

How To Fix It with Testo Max

The all natural ingredients in Testosterone Max enable the body to produce safe levels of much-needed testosterone. It will increase muscle mass and power, and intensify vigor while reducing recovery times. You can exceed prior workouts and feel great, physically and mentally.

It will also improve your sex drive, increase stamina and generate considerable muscle achievement. As it promotes protein synthesis in the body it increases nitrogen and blood flow. This burns calories faster and more effectively. The supplement stimulates hormonal cells to produce additional testosterone naturally.

In very simple terms, keeping more testosterone will bring you back to the days of your late teens and early twenties when wearing muscle was simple, gaining fat difficult, and when your sex drive was in overdrive. Who wouldn’t want that in their forties and fifties?

The bottom line is that you want to grow some muscle, and as you now know your metabolism and hormones are getting in your way. Now you need to find a way to go around them. You can do this by looking at what is generally prescribed for people who want to lose weight – and then do the complete opposite.

When dieters begin their weight loss journey they are encouraged to do everything to increase their metabolism because this is what burns energy. To do so they are told to eat smaller more frequent meals, to sleep less, and to exercise daily.

So you – Mr. Hard-gainer – need to do just the opposite. Pack your calories into 3 huge meals per day, and then, if at all possible, go to sleep right after any meal that you can. Plus you will need to stop the constant exercise and let your body use that energy to build muscle.

This will involve a specific training style that has you working out less often but yet stimulating growth hormone production and testosterone like crazy.

Testo Max – The perfect Legal Sustanon alternative

Sustanon 250 is the trade name for an injectable steroid designed to be a sustained-release testosterone shot. As the name indicates, the product has 250mg of testosterone per 1milliliter. By combining four different testosterone esters in the mix, the designers of Sustanon 250 were trying to eliminate the peak and trough in blood serum levels that using only a single ester would create. This created one of the best testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) steroids on the market.

Since sustanon is composed of four different ester chains that release at different times, the user does not experience the same abrupt peak and sharp decline when compared to other esters. The consistency in levels of testosterone help to minimize the chances of estrogen spikes and severe HPTA (hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis) suppression.

Although long and persistent use of any form of testosterone will cause side effects, sustanon is considered by many bodybuilders to be responsible for less abrupt sides. Of course, this is a myth, it has the same side effects as any other testosterone ester.

Testosterone Decanoate 100mg

This is one of the longest ester used in any steroid. It has a very long half-life, over 2 weeks (around 15 days), which means the active life of the ester is almost a month. In simple terms, from the time you inject decanoate, it takes roughly 30 days to leave your system. Though, you can expect the peak of this ester to be around 11-12 days not 15.

Testosterone Isocaproate 60mg

This ester is a mid-range release ester, and it’s used to bridge the gap between the release of propionate and the decanoate ester. Since it has a 9 day half-life, I never understood why it was used instead of cypionate or enanthate, which have a similar half-life. I suspect this has to do with price.

Testosterone Phenylpropionate 60mg

This is another mid-range ester used to keep testosterone levels steady as the propionate ester disappears from the system and the user waits for the decanoate ester to kick in. Though, some studies show testosterone phenylpropionate to have a 5.5 day half-life, it’s widely believed the half-life is around 4.5 days. The same as propionate. Again, it’s odd this ester is used when it has a half-life that’s very similar to propionate.

Testosterone Propionate 30mg

The propionate ester is one of the shortest esters used in any steroid preparation, and it’s one of the most popular versions of testosterone ever used. When used alone, testosterone propionate should be injected every other day (EOD). In the sustanon 250 formula, injections can be done weekly since the isocaproate and phenylpropionate ester are just starting their full release as the propionate ester wears out.

How Testo Max acts as Legal Sustanon alternative?

The plant tribulus terrestris contains steroidal saponins, which in turn develops the hormone that produces testosterone in the body. Testosterone Max has double the usual steroidal saponins. This is a safe, natural way to cultivate testosterone. In East Indian culture as well as in Asian countries, tribulus terrestris has been used as a sexual elixir for more than a millennium.

The other active element, protodioscin, is also found in tribulus terrestris. It is known to increase testosterone levels and enhance aphrodisiac properties.

Other ingredients include, Vitamin E, since men are often low in this vitamin; Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is an antioxidant and natural energy booster; Acetyl L-Carnatine for speeding up the metabolism and building lean muscle; and lastly, DHEA, a hormone produced by adrenal glands that helps build muscle and improve the immune system.

Testo Max stacks

For Bulking and muscle boosting, the ideal Testo-Max (legal sustanon) stacks are-

Testo MAX + HyperGH 14x + Legal Dianabol

For cutting pupose-

Testo Max + Clenbutrol



There is nothing bad that we can discuss about when considering testosterone vs hgh.

I Hope this article helped you in finding the Women's Best HGH Supplement & compare all main HGH Products for Women.

It must be noted however, that despite the fact that a person might be diagnosed with low testosterone levels, it does not mean that he is a good candidate for therapy.

HGH Testosterone 1500 Review Does It Work

Absolute goal: Increase Testosterone Levels - Gain an explosive power surge in just a few minutes with Testosterone Plus” (HGH Testosterone 1500)! Calcium supplements have occasionally been related to the onset of constipation, gas, and burping, although these and other more serious effects are supplements are usually safe and free of side effects, although there is some concern that taking doses higher than 40 mg daily might decrease how much copper your body absorbs (after the directions for HGH Testosterone 1500 would involve consuming more than 40mg daily).

Since varicoceles inhibit the standard blood flow to the leydig cells, additionally they inhibit the transportation of LH to its target, which causes your body to produce inadequate amounts of T. This is seen in many respected reports; men with varicoceles have significantly lower testosterone levels than control subjects44, so when the blockage(s) are surgically removed, testosterone levels tend to boost significantly45.

Testosterone boosters, as with any dietary supplements, are not approved by the foodstuff and Drug Administration prior to marketing This lack of oversight dates back towards the 1994 health supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) , which stipulated that purveyors of supplements weren't required to show the safety of the products or the veracity of what's on the labels towards the FDA before listing them on the market.

HGH Testosterone 1500

HGH Testosterone 1500 the main one supplement you ought to be taking to enhance strength, stamina, and sexual drive. Testosterone propionate is found in severe forms of chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis with signs of portal hypertension and ascites (in line with the effect of testosterone propionate it really is supposed to suppress the excessive formation of aldosterone, that is one of many causes of ascites and edema), and it is assigned as anabolic, acting on nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism and has several positive effects on metabolism within the liver.

Another effective strategy for enhancing both testosterone and HGH release is intermittent fasting It helps boost testosterone by improving the expression of satiety hormones, like insulin, leptin, adiponectin, glucacgon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), cholecystokinin (CKK), and melanocortins, that are connected to healthy testosterone function, increased libido, therefore the prevention of age-induced testosterone decline.

In fact, zinc might be one of the more important micronutrients for healthy testosterone production It has increased testosterone levels in athletes and exercising ‘normal men',159,160 in men with zinc deficiency161, in infertile men162, in animals163… It is also noted in one rodent study that zinc deficiency can upregulate the estrogen receptors by 57%164, probably because of the fact that zinc has its role in controlling the aromatase enzyme.

Their prohibited lists are long and include catch-all asterisks: Substances that are at all chemically linked to a banned drug will also be banned by proxy, as are any substances that violate the spirit for the sport” having said that, most are banned once and for all reason, and we cut fully out formulas containing glaring offenders: the pro-hormone DHEA, which carries risks when used long-term, and growth factors like HGH and IGF-1, that have been connected to heightened cancer risk and earlier death in adults.

With HGH Supplements , you can view the average 8.8 percent upsurge in lean muscle mass after a few months, even without exercise, as well as 14.4 percent fat loss, higher energy levels, improved heightened sexual performance, reduction of wrinkles, regrowth of organs (which have a tendency to shrink with age), improved Cardiac function and Arthritis conditions, stronger bones, improved kidney function, elevated mood and improved memory.

Taken orally, HGH is digested by the stomach before it may be absorbed into the body. The ingredients within the HGH supplement will largely determine the outcome that you will get. The primary reason behind the increased half-life and release rate is because once Testosterone Propionate enters the bloodstream, enzymes work to break the bond involving the ester and the testosterone, which takes a varying amount of time - depending on which ester is used. Legitimate, working testosterone boosters do exist, nevertheless they're not to exciting.

HGH Testosterone 1500 comes with a money-back guarantee for 90 days to make sure that your purchase is wholly without risk. The total amount of muscle gain and weight loss made by testosterone can't be matched. The JAMA study showed, relative to body composition, that older people men benefited marginally from testosterone enanthate; hGH either alone or in conjunction with testosterone provided significantly greater benefits, with increased lean body mass (LBM) and reduced body fat.

Testosterone Propionate is in fact Testosterone with the Propionate ester bound it's chemical structure. Testosterone Propionate is one of the more popular anabolic steroids right now - 80 years after it is invention. If you're looking for testosterone propionate on the market, you are able to order this medication right now, make an order for delivery. Actually high carbs and low protein diets increase SHBG, and if that is high, it willn't matter how high your total testosterone is since it eats all of it making it useless to your cells.

Older people and athletes that have normal HGH levels but wish to raise it however, are in danger for the negative side effects. HGH Injections have been praised as the veritable fountain of youth because you truly do feel more active, as if you did once you were two decades old. Here, we guarantee you that the GHT Male HGH and Testosterone Boost reviews we have show up with are completely honest and unbiased.

Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Citrate) 490mg: One study has shown that testosterone levels in athletes were raised if they took calcium supplements. Low Testosterone Doctors naturally suggest that you follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly, but they know that these things are a lot more effective when you follow an application of HRT (hormone replacement therapy), too. HGH users report better quality sleep, better recovery from workouts and the general stresses of life, and improved skin.

Our local doctors will evaluate the outcomes of your blood ensure that you physical exam, and then they are going to prescribe the best brands of HGH injections to aid your current health goals. Kumagai H, Zempo-Miyaki A, Yoshikawa T, Tsujimoto T, Tanaka K, Maeda S. Increased physical activity has a better effect than reduced energy intake on lifestyle modification-induced increases in testosterone. That do not only increase testosterone but also enhance blood flow to the genitals.

As a big-fan of milk, I had not been thrilled to find Japanese research where drinking cows milk resulted in increased serum estrogen and progesterone levels, which suppressed GnRH secretion through the brain and therefore lowered testosterone secretion in men and prepubertal boys during a 21-day study period100.

The maker of the supplement is and they are also the only company who sells it. This will be a reputable, long established company with a confident reputation between the fitness and health community.

That said, individuals with heart, liver, kidney, or thyroid disease and those at a greater danger of developing these and other health problems must certanly be cautious and consult their doctor whether it is okay for them to utilize this supplement.

We studied this product as well as its ingredients and possible side effects in an effort to discover whether it is possible to trust it, and whether it can live as much as its claims. Zinc will increase testosterone levels if if someone has a zinc deficiency, it's an aphrodisiac and an aromatase inhibitor (at high doses) suppressing estrogen. It really is very common for HGH boosting supplements to add testosterone boosters and vice versa. The bodybuilding market is filled with natural growth hormone boosters , male low testo booster, male enhancement products, muscle gain supplement pills, muscle recovery supplements etc.


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