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Life Extension L-Tryptophan, 500 mg, 90 vegetarian capsules.

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  • Improve sleep
  • Enhance mood
  • Modulate stress

Trptophan can be used for sleep. Studies indicate that tryptophan promotes healthy sleep patterns and mood. It also encourages the body’s healthy response to stress. And L-tryptophan can help support satiety, the feeling of being “full.

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Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain associated with positive moods and restful sleep. To produce and maintain optimum serotonin levels, your body requires tryptophan, an essential amino acid the body cant produce.

Trptophan can be used for sleep. Studies indicate that tryptophan promotes healthy sleep patterns and mood. It also encourages the body’s healthy response to stress. And L-tryptophan can help support satiety, the feeling of being “full.

Tryptophan works as a safe and effective food remedy for insomnia and emotional complaints. It is essential for blood clotting and digestive juices. It prevents early aging and its related effects on eye, hair, and teeth. It also acts as a natural painkiller. It slows down the rate of starch decomposition and thus prevents tooth decay.

Sources of Tryptophan: The rice sources for tryptophan is bajra, ragi, barley, soyabean, bengal gram, knoll-khol greens, spinach, agathi, colocasia, sweet potato, cauliflower, cashew nut, mango, papaya, egg, and milk.

Benefits of L-Tryptophan supplement

Promote mental clarity and understanding of everyday situations

· Help support healthy perceptions and reaction in daily and stressful situations

· Enhance and stabilize mood

· Promote calmness and relaxation

· Promote healthy control of feelings and perceptions

· Maintain healthy levels of serotonin

· Enhance mental focus and memory

· Support a normal sleep cycles

· Promote sleep overall

About Tryptophan – What Exactly is L-Tryptophan?

L-Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that promotes the normal synthesis and structure of proteins. In your body, L-tryptophan is converted into niacin (vitamin B3) and serotonin, a neurotransmitter which promotes your body’s ability to regulate anger, aggression, mood, and sleep. By supplementing with L-Tryptophan, serotonin production can be supported, thus promoting sleep and enhancing mood. In addition, it helps your body produce vitamin B3, an energy vitamin. Your body’s metabolism of L-tryptophan to serotonin is supported in large part by the several vitamins:

Tryptophan: It is an amino-indolepropionic acid. It is essential and should not be omitted in the diet. It’s not synthesized in the body, but may be synthesized in the micro-organism, E.coli. It is neither ketogenic nor glycogenic. Though this amino acid is very essential for the body, yet it is inefficiently utilized in the body, and a large amount of tryptophan is excreted in urine.

The amino acids being colourless do not absorb visible light and ultraviolet light of a wavelength above 240 mm. The exception being aromatic amino acids which includes histidine, phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan. The ultraviolent absorption of proteins above 240 mm wavelength is due to their tryptophan content.

The tryptophan gets converted to nicotinamide, which gets hampared in cases of Vitamin B-6 deficiency. The hereditary abnormality in metabolism of tryptophan causing deficiency of niacin, know as Hartnup disease is manifested in pellagra like skin rash, and mental deterioration, with excess tryptophan in urine 1 mg equivalent of niacin is generated for every 60 mg of trytophan.

The tryptophan also forms secrotonin, a potent vasoconstrictor and stimulator of smooth muscle contraction. One 1% of tryptophan is normally converted to serotonin, but in malignant carcinoid (serotonin producing tumour cells in abdominal cavity) it could go up to 60%, affecting adversely production of nicotinic acid from trytophan, and causing negative nitrogen balance. Trytophan is obtained on eating whole grain bread, enters the brain and boosts levels of serotonin, the mood elevating brain chemical.

Experts comments

In the event that you’re anything just like me, needing to sift through the endless sponsored reviews on Amazon is nothing short of frustrating so it is very important to me to say this might be a completely legitimate review.

L-Tryptophan by itself behaves in a predictable way, and serotonin levels have a tendency to respond as L-Tryptophan consumption increases.

Can it Cure your depression? Well, I have had most worst case of depression, even doctors couldn’t believe how severe my depression was. Some general info in what led me to taking L-tryptophan: I suffer occasional insomnia (restless sleeping) and generally wake up constantly throughout the night.

The melatonin had always helped so far as sleep goes (even though I still wake up throughout the night) for me but the L-Tryptophan is in a league of its very own. Several clinical tests have confirmed L-tryptophan to be useful within the treatment of chronic insomnia at doses of between anyone to four grams at bedtime. However, it really is clear that more reliable research is required to show that this kind of supplement has any merit in the therapy of depression.

A 2002 review associated with the research on SAMe and depression conducted by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality concluded that SAMe was more effective than placebo at relieving the outward symptoms of depression and no better or worse than tricyclics. The bottom line: the general evidence is inconclusive and safety concerns persist, although the authors of the 2004 review did note that tryptophan could play a role in patients with mild cases of depression who can’t (or don’t want to) take antidepressant drugs.

Future research may yet reveal uses for the compound, but in the meantime experts caution against utilizing L-Tryptophan as a supplement for depression. There are three primary classes of drugs that you’ll probably decide to prevent when taking L-Tryptophan. If I received major reap the benefits of it, I would have gone ahead and taken it.

After getting moody, I look again at the reviews for L-Tryptophan. These classes of drugs, though, operate in less predictable ways, and mixing L-Tryptophan with any of them could raise serotonin levels higher than desired. I have now stopped using L-Tryptophan for a month and my moods continue to be positive and strong.

Of course it is advisable to check on with your medical professional about any supplement you employ to see if there are any possible drug interactions. Of course, if you should be taking any prescribed SSRI or SSNRI, you put yourself at an increased risk by utilizing L-Tryptophan ~ too much serotonin can be life-threatening: you need to choose one or the other and titrating down from a pharmaceutical antidepressant is not a fast and easy accomplishment.

So, needless to say, I had no expectations from the L-Tryptophan but imagine my surprise when it worked! Further, L-tryptophan is not related to unwanted effects which can be common with prescription medications, nor does it cause difficulty in waking up the next morning. I must say that the medial side effects appear to be considerable considering this is meant to be a natural supplement.

A 2004 overview of tryptophan studies that examined significantly more than 100 trials found only two that have been of high quality and did not include other supplements. Since the Tryptophan released the feel good hormones in the human body you could make an effort to use this natural supplement as opposed to your over the counter or prescription anti-depressant as well as your sleep aids.

And I’ve never been able to ultimately achieve the Great Mood and gorgeous peace that I have aided by the L-Tryptophan. Up to now I have bought and tried 5HTP, Dopa, Melatonin, and a couple of other natural products but none has been doing what the L-Tryptophan has.

Taking L-tryptophan can accomplish exactly the same thing by naturally increasing serotonin levels within the brain. A very important factor you gotta know about L-Tryptophan is this: Buy top quality or DON’T buy at all!

d of your throughout the counter or prescription anti-depressant and even your sleep aids.

I must say that the medial side effects appear to be considerable considering this is likely to be an all-natural supplement.


The wonderful effect that tryptophan has on both mood and sleep may be as the body naturally converts tryptophan into both serotonin and melatonin.




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