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Standardized European Bilberry Extract, 100 mg, 90 vegetarian capsules

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Many age-related problems common to the eyes are caused by compromised circulation. Bilberry extracts have antioxidative properties that not only are neuroprotective,1,5 but they also help suppress photooxidative processes and have been shown to improve microcapillary circulation.2-4 The anthocyanins content


One study of 2295 subjects taking a 36 percent anthocyanoside-standardized bilberry fruit extract showed positive results without any negative effects, even with prolonged use.

The finest bilberry extracts, which are built by the OPTIPURE company, contain a standardized 25%+ anthocyanidin bilberry extract.

Also, taking bilberry along with other herbs that also lower blood sugar may bring about hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

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Many age-related problems common to the eyes are caused by compromised circulation. I ordered the Certified European version and received the Standardized version, this has happened twice to me the first order was from another company and I sent it back, while you can see from the image which will be the certified version which is what i wanted and failed to get, I think the word description should be changed because it will not specify which version.Haven't tried it enough to obtain in idea if it works ok or not.

Within the US dietary supplement trade, the name blueberry” is fixed to three species, Vaccinium angustifolium, V. corymbosum, and V. pallidum.3 In Europe, V. myrtillus is often called blueberry, though bilberry could be the English word which relates to this species into the trade.3 The hybrid cultivated blueberries from which almost all for the commercial food supply is derived are often called blueberries.

Anthocyanosides speed the regeneration of rhodopsin, the purple pigment that is used by the rods in a person's eye for night vision.21 Supplementation with bilberry has been confirmed in early studies to enhance dark adaptation in individuals with poor night vision.22 , 23 However, two newer studies found no effectation of bilberry on night vision in healthy people.24 , 25 Bilberry extract standardized to contain 25% anthocyanosides may be used in capsule or tablet form.

Bilberry Extract

Contains 60 mg of standardized bilberry fruit extract in addition to red grape skin extract and citrus bioflavonoid complex, which work synergistically to improve the benefits of bilberry. Over three decades of research have proven the remarkable ability of bilberry to guide the fitness of the eyes, capillaries, arteries and veins. Bilberry extract helps maintain the healthiness of the eyes under stressful conditions or as we age. the exact same blood vessel strengthening and antioxidant properties of bilberry extract help in other parts for the body as well. It has been confirmed to aid normal vein function and help maintain proper blood circulation in the legs.

Given its proven ability to simply help decrease the fragility of blood capillaries, bilberry fruit products have been studied in clinical trials involving patients struggling with a number of diseases including diabetes, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, varicose veins, liver disorders, peptic ulcers, and other conditions by which capillary fragility may play a job in causing symptoms secondary to your disease itself.

Most supplement makers do not use standardized extracts since it is expensive to take action. Standardized extracts preserve and extract the active compounds of the particular herb which is where the therapeutic benefits reside - in this case the anthocyanosides. Among the absolute most credible uses of bilberry relate solely to peripheral vascular disorders, especially those involving capillary fragility. More info on the aftereffects of bilberry alone is necessary before conclusions may be made. This system is a winner with those who do not want any dangerous additives to go with their daily dose of bilberry extract! Bilberry is thought to help people with diarrhea by reducing intestinal inflammation.

The antioxidant protection toward lipid oxidation was best provided by lingonberry and bilberry phenolics followed closely by black currant and raspberry phenolics. A standardized bilberry extract containing 25% anthocynidin can be bought during the super market or pharmacy. Bilberry is simply a species of European blueberry, though, so its constituents are quite similar to blueberry. Do not forget to suggest it to your friends if they suffer from any one of the health issues bilberry can help with! Herbalists also have long considered bilberry useful for treating night blindness and daytime vision impaired by glare.

We conclude that bilberry extract as ingested by humans, not just the purified anthocyanins it has, inhibits proliferation of and induces apoptosis in breast cancer cells at its lowest effective concentrations via a mechanism that doesn't involve action on microtubules or on mitosis. Guerrini M. (1987) Report on clinical trial of bilberry anthocyanosides in the procedure of venous insufficiency of the lower limbs. Bilberry similar to berries are rich in antioxidants that assist in preventing and eliminate free radicals within the body.

Diabetes: Bilberry leaves have long been used in traditional medicine to control blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes, and we now realize that every type of berries can help lower blood sugar levels after consuming meals full of sugar. However, the safety and side aftereffects of long-term use of bilberry extract have not been established. Interest in bilberry's potential as an herbal medicine was renewed during World War II when British Royal Air Force ­pilots reported an improvement in night vision during night bombing missions after eating bilberry jam. Traditionally, bilberry leaves have been used to control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

We observed that bilberry extract inhibited cell proliferation in a concentration-dependent fashion, in concert with induction of apoptotic cell death. Bilberry herbal extract in capsules or tablets standardized to give you 25% anthocyanosides are typically recommended at 240-600 mg per day.37 Herbalists have traditionally recommended taking 1-2 ml two times per day in tincture form, or 20-60 grams for the fruit daily. The German Commission E monograph on bilberry fruits lists no known contraindication, interactions along with other drugs, or side effects. I am wanting to see if anyone know what the difference is, ie what could be the magical compound that makes bilberry extract different from blueberry. It really is recommended that adults take 480mg of this heart extract two or three times every day.

To get the full benefits of blueberries and/or bilberry extract, you should eat an adequate amount and/or take an adequate dose. Recently purchased and tested several popular brands of bilberry supplements for authenticity, purity, and the power of tablets to properly disintegrate. Laboratory and animal studies also support the utilization of bilberry extract for healing stomach ulcers, according towards the NIH. The outcomes demonstrated that bilberry along with other berry extracts containing anthocyanins inhibited cancer cell proliferation, mainly via the p21WAF1 pathway. Anthocyanosides found in bilberry fruits can also be useful if you have vision problems. Bilberry fruits may have laxative effects and dried bilberry could potentially cause constipation.

For cataracts, macular degeneration, as well as other eye problems: Take 80-160 mg of standardized extract or 1/2 teaspoon liquid extract 2 or 3 times every day. It is thought that bilberry compounds might help relax smooth muscle and improve symptoms as an effect. Bilberry Extract, generally known as blueberry, is a potent extract yielding key bioflavonoids and antioxidants called anthocyanosides, anthocyanins, ellagitannins, and proanthocyanidins. Bilberry tea can be a popular way of delivery in traditional herbalism, historically useful for digestive problems. Europeans also have used a preparation of bilberry topically to treat sore throats and mild inflammation in the mouth.

Into the mid 1960s, reference to these observations eventually resulted in the first laboratory and soon after clinical studies in the ramifications of bilberry fruit extracts on the eyes and vascular system.

Traditionally, bilberry leaves have now been used to regulate blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

Avoid bilberry supplements with unhealthy fillers like gluten, sugar, yeast, sodium, starch, talc, shellac, and lactose.

Each capsule contains 80mg of Bilberry extract (80-130:1 concentrate) with standardized 36% Anthocyanins, that is effective in stimulating rhodopsin regeneration, enhancing the sharpness of image, eyesight and night vision, along with preventing presbyopia. Bilberry purists love taking liquid extract instead of pills, claiming the night vision boosting effects are much more noticable when taken because of this. The anthocyanins which can be rich in bilberry extract are certainly worth trying if you suffer from some of the ailments mentioned earlier on this page. These serious consequences are enough to suggest, however, that people should not take high doses of bilberry leaf over a permanent. Bilberry may lower the danger of some diabetic complications, such as for example diabetic cataracts and retinopathy.


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